Zend Framework and Smarty integration

Table of contents for Zend Framework

  1. Zend Framework and Smarty integration
  2. A better Zend Framework & Smarty integration
  3. Zend_Layout example

I have been using Smarty (php template engine) for quite some time but I am really new to Zend Framework, in fact I started using it for the first time yesterday.

To do the integration i found two very good articles:

  1. http://devzone.zend.com/node/view/id/120
  2. http://kpumuk.info/php/zend-framework-using-smarty-as-template-engine/

However both articles refer to an older version of Zend Framework and they are a bit confusing if you are a Zend beginner like me. On this post i assume Zend Framework version 1.5 and Smarty 2.6.19 (but should work with older Smarty too). … 

Gallery2 Forum – beta version release

Generally users of the Gallery2 photo gallery that want to have a discussion forum on their site have to embed the whole gallery into a 3rd party forum or find other solutions, this module, currently in beta version, provides an alternative for all the gallery2 purist that don’t want to embed their gallery.

I am releasing it today, I hope you will find it useful.
Find more details: here

WordPress is great !

WordPress is really good, as I am sure has been said many times before its beauty is in its simplicity, what I am most impress of is how easy it is to make it do what I want.

This site is very new, this is my first post, there is not much to see or explore yet, but its like a new home and I love it !