>> Gallery2 Forum module update  (328 views)

With the help of Serban Constantinescu (that recently joined the project) the forum module for gallery 2 is at its second (but still rather beta) release, we are now at version 0.1.6.

Please find the new project page here: http://galleryforum.sourceforge.net/
and an experimental demo site here: http://galleryforum.abelvedere.com/main.php

Occasionally I want to compile a new mode for emacs but I can never remember the command so here it is:

M-x byte-compile-file [RET]
This is: press the “Esc” key (top left on my keyboard), then the letter x, then type “byte-compile-file” and press the return key.

or to compile all .el files in a directory:

[ESC] x byte-recompile-directory [RET]