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Web Application Developer (Tokyo)

今年の5月にロンドンから東京に移住しました。 創造的、積極的で明るい雰囲気の東京の会社でのウェブ系プログラマーとしての仕事を探しています.
ウェブ系プログラマーとしては5年以上の実務経験 (Java, JSP, PHP, MVC, Zend Framework,Kohana)があり、ソフトウェア開発プログラマーとしても2年以上の実務経験があります(C/C++ .Net)。

もし御社で、才能とやる気のあるプログラマーを募集していらっしゃいましたらこのリンクからご連絡いただくか、履歴書 (167.63 kB)のダウンロードをよろしくお願いいたします。


I am in Tokyo and looking for a position as Web Application Developer in an innovative, bright and forward-thinking company based in Tokyo.

I have over 5 years of experience in Web Application Development (Java, JSP, PHP, MVC, Zend Framework,Kohana), and more than 2 years of experience in Software Development (C/C++ .Net).

If you are a small to medium size company based in Tokyo in need of a talented, hard working developer please contact me or download my resume (167.63 kB) for more information.



Table of contents for Italy vs England vs Japan

  1. Italy vs England vs Japan
  2. Italy

Italy is an amazing country, and despite not being a huge country, geographically speaking it has every thing, amazing beaches, breath taking mountains, beautiful hills (i.e. Tuscany).

Many cities and small towns are so packed with history and art that if taken as a whole and placed in a museum people would pay to see them.

Of course I cannot talk about Italy and not mention how good and relatively inexpensive food is. And the reason why food is so good is that Italians are obsess about it, while we are having breakfast we are thinking what should we eat for lunch, and during lunch we often discuss with friends what we ate the night before and probably what we are going to eat for dinner.

While in England people have their local pub, Italians have their favorite Bar (Cafe), this is the Bar that makes the best cappuccino.
In London I have taken so many “Cafe Nero” and “Starbucks” that for me in Italy whichever Bar makes a great cappuccino.

So why I don’t want to go back and live in Italy ?
Well for me the following are the biggest problems: … 

Italy vs England vs Japan

Table of contents for Italy vs England vs Japan

  1. Italy vs England vs Japan
  2. Italy

Few days ago my wife and I made the important decision of moving out of London.
In May this year a new era of our life will start in Tokyo.

I think I know why I want to go to Japan as apposed to stay in London or going back home to Italy but I want to put my reasons in writing as the process of writing will help formalize my thinking and if in the future, I happen to forget how I end up in Tokyo I can refer back to this pages.

I intend to write 3 posts loosely comparing the 3 countries I know best, focusing in each post on one country. I will start tomorrow with Italy the country where I lived for the first 22 years and 10 months of my life and the country that I travel to the most as my family and friends are there.