>> TIC – Text Image Converter  (1,418 views)

This is a php5 library (two classes) I wrote to convert TrueType Font text into an image, using the GD library.
The project is hosted and can be downloaded from github: http://github.com/hayate/tic (it includes an example, documentation and some free fonts)
or using git: git clone git://github.com/hayate/tic.git
Documentation is also available online here: http://www.andreabelvedere.com/docs/tic/

To extend the library to add support for other Font types just extend the TIC abstract class and implement the create and dimension methods.

See example below on how to use it:

 * @file image.php
require_once 'lib/tic.php';
    ->setText('Hello World !')
    ->setBgColor(0x00, 0xff, 0xff)
    ->setFontColor(0x00, 0x00, 0x00)

Than in your html:

<img src="image.php" alt="TIC" />

That will output the following image:


The library is under the LGPL license, which means you can freely use it for commercial and non commercial applications, please post a comment for feedbacks, bugs, or links of projects where you have use it.

>> subversion propset svn:ignore  (1,110 views)

This is a quick self-reminder on propset svn:ignore command.

To ignore all content in directory foo but not the directory:
svn propset svn:ignore '*' foo
To ignore the directory and its content:
svn propset svn:ignore 'foo' .