built solely to make money

Our flat in Tokyo, was built in mid 2009, with the sole purpose of maximising profits for the owner.
The structure is really solid, and of course earthquake proof, clearly the “landlord” does not want to risk having to rebuild and lose money.
The flat is in Musashi Koyama, a convenient location two stops from Meguro.

The walls have no insulation whatsoever, we have to heavily rely on two air conditioners.
During summer and winter is impossible to keep the air conditioners switched off, as without any insulation temperatures drop really fast during winter, and the opposite happens during summer.

The interior of the flat is extremely low quality, the floor is made out of thin sheets of very soft wood, the walls are covered with a plasticky paper, and both the floor and the walls chip and bruise simply by staring at them too hard.
The owner is obviously counting on our deposit money to replace any inevitable damage to the interior, so that it will be able to minimise or even completely remove any necessary expenditure to make the flat ready for the next tenants when we move out.

The bathroom floor is of course glued plastic, very cheap as is the plastic Panasonic sink. The shower however, is great, of course the materials are the cheapest and probably overall below standard, but I can’t complain as I lived fifteen years in England, where the average bathroom sink has two separates taps, one for the very hot water (when you’re lucky) and the other for the very cold water, that’s right, no mixing, you would think that a country arrogant enough to call it self “great” would have some how mastered mix water.
Probably most British “landlords” believe that their tenants don’t appreciate the warmth of mixed water on their face in the morning but rather burn or freeze their face instead.

Going back to the flat in Tokyo, it was built to make money and not to provide the tenants with a nice home to live.
And that is the problem, how different would be our society if somehow we could remove money out of the equation, if our flat was somehow built with passion and with the desire to give a comfortable home to people.

Our flat, like many others, is so inefficient in terms of energy that is an insult to our planet, it should be illegal to build without using the most advanced insulations technologies, each building should strive to be energetically as self sufficient as possible.

Money did play an important part in the evolution of our society, however now money, as well as fossil fuels are dragging us down, and obviously slowing down our evolution, its time to let them go.

The surprising truth about what motivates us


banks a form of legalized robbery

Few weeks ago I transfered £750 from a bank account in London (England) to a bank account in Italy.
The charge for the transfer was £13.

Unfortunately the Italian bank changed their IBAN number therefore about 10 days later the money came back to the account in England, but only £711.73 came back.

So banks legally stole £750 – £711.73 = £38.27 + the original £13 charge makes it £51.27.
Obviously I still need to send the money to Italy so I will have to pay another £13 making the total taken (so far) £64.27.

We all work very hard to earn our living, why do we have to let banks regularly rip us off, we all know is not “real money” that they are transferring is all virtual and computerized, yet it still takes days to transfer money from one bank to another.

Then to add insult to injury, we have to read the huge bonuses bankers cash in every year, i know is probably not related with the money banks steal us every day, but it is still annoying.