Letter of Protest


I visited Hiroshima last 25th of December 2011, and the hypocrisy of U.S. policies on nuclear weapons was obvious.
While they are oppose to any one else developing nuclear weapons, they make sure their own weapons of mass destruction are up to date.
Below is quoted the original letter, and a photo of the plaque from the “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum”.
Hiroshima Mayors have written hundreds of such a letters to leaders world wide since the nuclear attack the 6 of August 1945.

May 23, 2011
His Excellency Mr. Barack Obama
The United States of America

Letter of Protest

The City of Hiroshima has worked long and hard to help people around the world fully
understand the pain and sorrow of our hibakusha* experience. We believed that this
information would help them develop the strong will required to abolish nuclear weapons.
Despite our efforts, you announced this month that the U.S. conducted a new type of
nuclear test last November and again this past March at Sandia National Laboratories in
New Mexico.

Though these tests did not involve nuclear explosions, they can be understood as evidence
that the U.S. intends to maintain its nuclear stockpile. Coupled with the fact that you
revealed the testing only several months later, these tests have betrayed the hopes of the
hibakusha* and the millions of others who seek a nuclear-weapon-free world, while arousing
suspicion regarding your intentions. Such actions are completely unacceptable, and on
behalf of the A-bombed city of Hiroshima, I vehemently protest.

I urge you to thoroughly comprehend the experience of the survivors who witnessed the
bombing, understand their sincere wish for peace, and strive for the earliest possible
realization of a world free from nuclear weapons.

The City of Hiroshima

*In Japanese means: the people that were expose to radiations

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Hiroshima Letter of Protest

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