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Some time ago I came across, a nice jQuery plug-in (jWYSIWYG) that turns regular html textareas into very simple WYSIWYG text editors.

At the time I thought that the plug-in would work really well replacing the normal WordPress comment boxes, and finally I found (made) a little free time to encapsulate jWYSIWYG jQuery plug-in into a simple WordPress plug-in, and you can see it in action on this site.

The plug-in is called Pretty Comments and is free for anyone to use.

  • Please don’t use the comments for testing.
  • All “Test” comments will be deleted.
  • If you are asking for help please leave a link to your blog or most probably I won’t be able to help you.


85 thoughts on “Pretty Comments

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  2. This is one full line of text.I hit a paragraph return and now have a second line.Now I hit a double paragrpah line.  Let’s see if the spacing looks the same in the output.

  3. Hi there and thank you for this very useful plugin!

    found it through a search for “comments editors” on
    My question is:
    Can we add the option to upload an image from our PC instead of just having a link to an already uploaded image?
    thanks again.

  4. Hi BajaArtists,
    one possible reason Pretty Comments is not working on your site could be that the HTML of your comment box is not the HTML expected in a standard WP theme.
    It this is the reason, it should be trivial to whoever customized your site to make Pretty Comments work.

  5. Hi! Really nice and simple plugin, congrats and thanks!Just a thing… It seems like only the first four buttons work. I thought it only happened at my site (, but I’ve noticed that even here, in your site, the H1, H2, etc… are not working, at least for me.Could it be because of the browser? I’m Using Google Chrome. Cheers anyway!

  6. It looks like we have the same commenting system on our blogs. One question: There is no “reply” button to other comments, is this because of a conflict?Thanks.

  7. Hi there!We’ve got a problem with your plugin on one of our websites.Commenting and Formatting works ok in IE, but not in Firefox.The preview works (you see it formatted), but it wont be saved in DB as formatted text.I degbugged the posted values with firebug and it turned out that IE in the post vars was <blockquote> and FF <div> to format the blockquote text.You have any ideas how this could be? Thank You!!

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